Get over yourself, Nick Riewoldt #afl

December 21, 2010
Why do people inject such needless gravity into these fly-by-night scandals? Why do professional sportsmen, especially, allow the media to promote, and then trade off, the fiction that nude frolicking – or binge drinking, or recreational drug use or rampant shagging — is rare or especially wrong?

A better approach to the crisis presser #NickRiewoldt #afl

December 21, 2010
This might have worked better than Riewoldt’s deeply self-serious approach to the crisis press conference.

5 words explain the Saints monumental #Dickileaks PR cock-up

December 23, 2010
A lawyer-driven PR response is always a recipe for inflammation.  Lawyers exist to engage and prevail in conflict, often by discrediting, vilifying, humiliating or bankrupting their opponents.

How should the Saints have managed #dickileaks?

December 24, 2010

Given the viral nature of the photos, I would have accepted they are out there and anyone who wants to see them will see them.  My approach would have been to minimise the number of people who go out of their way to see them in the first place.

December 26, 2010
The St Kilda Football Club’s “search and destroy” mission in response to the Dickileaks scandal has wrought extensive collateral damage, not least to the reputations of its players, the Club and the AFL at large.

December 28, 2010
The tragic irony for the Saints and the AFL is that, in their desperate attempts to defend their “family-friendly” credentials, they have set on a course of action marked by shocking misogyny.  The cynical mistreatment of the girl at the centre of the controversy will wreak havoc far worse to its credibility among women than a few scattered nude pics could ever achieve.

December 28, 2010

By this account sent to me by a reader, the dickileaks scandal has triggered an ugly wave of bullying and misogyny on the part of AFL apologists.  This confirms my earlier view that the official strategy of vilifying a 17-year old girl will ultimately wreak havoc on football’s reputation far beyond what a few embarrassing polaroids may have caused.
The Dickileaks vilification strategy spearheaded by St Kilda Football Club’s vice-president, Ross Levin, is dead in the water.  The intervention by club champion, Ian Stewart and triple Brownlow winner, Bob Skilton, in this morning’s Herald Sun has seen to that.

#Dickileaks is an institutional scandal, not a sexual one

December 30, 2010
The sexual antics of footy players, distasteful and morally questionable perhaps, are far less troubling to me than the rank institutional hypocrisy that has been employed in its defense.

Aside from rusted-on footy apologists and haters of girls and women, public opinion has swing decisively against them, as was bound to happen as soon as Ross Levin, the Saints’ VP-lawyer, brought his sledgehammer into the fray.   It’s as simple as that, really.


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