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Last poll of the year, and Gallup shows Obama at 50 percent approval

Just before the mid-term elections in the US in November, I made a series of dire predictions which turned out to be a little optimistic in the House and a tad pessimistic in the Senate (or the reverse if you are a Republican I guess…scary).  Anyhow, I added the following prediction right at the bottom.

President Obama’s approval to reach 50 percent by end of 2010.

to which I added, after the shellacking:

I dare to dream.

I had to wait till the absolute last tracking poll of the year for my prediction to bear fruit.  As anyone who follows these things will know, when one talks of presidential approval ratings one is invariably referring to the gold standard:  the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll.  And, after six months below fifty, this happened:

Obama Job Approval Reaches 50% for First Time Since Spring

Returns to that level for first time since late May/early June 2010

by Jeffrey M. Jones

PRINCETON, N.J. — Barack Obama’s job approval rating reached the symbolic 50% mark in the latest three-day average from Gallup Daily tracking. Obama’s approval rating has been in the mid-40% range for much of the latter half of 2010. He last hit 50% approval in a three-day average near the end of May/beginning of June.

That is a healthy number for this point in a presidency, and relatively impressive when you consider high unemployment and widespread economic gloom.

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