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Rhetorical Gay-bashing, then and now #lgbt

For unrelated reasons, I discovered two quite startling examples of homophobia during the course of other carry-on today. One is rather quaint, the other quite vile. Both are funny.

The first comes from some ongoing research I was doing into the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous, a religious cult that have captured the multi-billion dollar addiction industry in the name of an intolerant Protestant God. AA sprung from the vile waters of the Oxford Group which was itself aligned to the Moral Re-armament movement: an especially virulent clique of wowsers, hypocrites and ant-Semites. I knew this before today, albeit vaguely, but I must admit that I was pleased to learn that the spiritual founder of Moral Rearmament, Frank Buchman, was also an incorrigible Nazi sympathiser and self-loathing closeted homosexual. It was in this context that I read the following passage from a 1954 Moral Rearmament brochure advising people how to spot a gay:

There are many who wear suede shoes who are not homosexual, but in Europe and America the majority of homosexuals do. They favor green as a color in clothes and decorations. Men are given to an excessive display and use of the handkerchief. They tend to let the hair grow long, use scent and are frequently affected in speech, mincing in gait and feminine in mannerisms. They are often very gifted in the arts. They tend to exhibitionism. They can be cruel and vindictive, for sadism usually has a homosexual root. They are often given to moods.

. . . There is an unnecessary touching of hands, arms and shoulders. In the homosexual the elbow grip is a well-known sign

I could de-construct this litany of stereotypes line by bigoted line, but fear that doing so would reveal too much of my cruel, vindicative, sadistic and moody homosexual root. It’s best to leave it alone, pristine, as a prize exhibit in the Museum of Rhetorical Gaybashing.

The second item is a video that speaks — nay, hollers! — for itself.

I would love to dab on some Gucci by Gucci, pick out my finest green hanky and neatest suede loafers and mince my way into the meeting where the Ugandan delegation follows through on the threat to demand that President Obama defend gay sexual practices on behalf of America’s sodomites.

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