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Mock, shame and pillory #Fevola, but don’t sack him

Who can help piling on Brendan Fevola?  He is, after all, staggeringly obnoxious.  There is no amount of opprobrium too great.

Hold Fevola up to scorn and unrelenting mockery?  Absolutely — and you’ll find me near the front of the queue.

But there’s no way he should be fired.

Why not?

We need to wean off this nonsense that footy players like Fevola are role models.

Getting pissed, obnoxious and lippy to cops on New Year’s Eve  is not only consistent with Fev’s personality and past conduct, it is entirely run of the mill within the jock-culture from whence he comes (see Dickileaks).  We have two choices:  continue this chorus of outrage and disappointment, or stop expecting it to be anything different.

Without wanting to go all Pema Chödrön, changing one’s perspective — and lowering one’s sights — seems like an easier path than waiting for Fevola and his ilk to start acting like Mormon missionaries.

You can cover planet in leather, in other words, or put on a pair of sandals.

Discipline Fev, by all means, but ending his career reinforces the bullshit notion that these guys are deserving of expectations that they are incapable of meeting.

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