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Late, drunk, abusive, sleazy and dishonest: #Fevola’s night out for charity

In response to my post yesterday detailing my own experiences with the disgraced Brendan Fevola (Me and Fev), I received from a a reader this illuminating anecdote:

I used to work for a Childrens Charity. About 4 years ago a supporter organised a golf day and dinner/auction to follow. They invited Mr Fevola and his wonderous orange wife to the dinner, providing free tickets in the hope that his attendence would create excitement etc.. I advised against (as a Carlton supporter I knew what he was capable of) but they insisted.

Brendan and Alex arrived two hours late. He was completely intoxicated and she was furious. He was loudly advising everyone that as the season had just finished he had beeen “off my face for a week”

The night progresses with these highlights

Bar staff refused to serve him, he screamed obscenities and said “I’m Brendan F^^^Ing Fevola”

A holiday package was live auctioned – Brendan was the winning bidder at $15k When it came time to pay he advised that he was only bidding for a laugh and would only pay $10k.. but didnt have his wallet with him… it took 3 calls to his manager and 4 calls to the club to get his payment

After being caught cracking on to some 19 year old girls, Alex threw a tantrum and demanded they leave…

He’s a spoiled, self absorbed, selfish idiot who deserves everything he gets.

I am more than happy to serve as a repository for more such stories, as long as people understand that I won’t use them as arguments why the Brisbane Lions should sack Fevola.

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