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Ten things I stopped believing in 2010

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The number of things about which I am certain is shrinking all the time.    Here is a Top Ten list of things I believed on 1 January, 2010 that I have now filed under “bullshit”:

  1. Same-sex marriage is a bridge too far. My conservatism on gay rights issues has been melting away as I have come to realize it is really no more than a fairly transparent expression of self-loathing.
  2. Bono is cool. No-one has moved down in my estimation with more startling alacrity than this tax-avoiding Jesus freak.
  3. Prince William is hot. Seriously, it’s like a genetic practical joke.
  4. John Key is a “mediocre political figure presiding over a low-octane government”. New Zealand’s PM has seriously impressed throughout 2010.  His government continues to be policy-lite, but Key’s crisis handling after the Canterbury earthquake and the Pike River Mine explosion has been textbook.  I wrote about this in September (a post that still attracts significant traffic for some reason).
  5. Keith Olbermann rocks! I can no longer bear to listen to the MSNBC anchor’s overwritten diatribes, often in the form of opportunistic Obama-baiting from the left, delivered with a level of non-ironic pomposity that blows the mind.
  6. The NZ cricket team has a certain underdog charm.  The Black Caps are a national disgrace, bereft of talent, charisma or even the slightly redeeming quality of eye-candy hotness. Daniel Vettori matches Prince William in the declining looks department.
  7. Kevin Rudd may be an arsehole, but there are worse people alive.
  8. Twitter? Nah. As with Facebook, I was super-slow to grasp the awesomeness of Twitter, and am still catching up.
  9. Ted Baillieu is too thick and lazy to become Victorian Premier. It turns out he is not too thick and lazy to become Victorian Premier after all.
  10. Christopher Hitchens will live forever.

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