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I respect lesbians enormously

December 30, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Until now, the only thing that kept me from admitting publicly my fear of lesbians was my fear of lesbians.

Actually this phobia is far more common in gay men than most are willing to admit, except in hushed, sometimes lisped, tones amongst ourselves.

Gay men, myself included, can be a little soft-centered. We flinch easily. Lesbians, by contrast, are strong and fearless. And, while Jesus said that the meek shall inherit the earth, it is worth remembering (a) he never met a lesbian and (b) he didn’t really exist.

Behold this ridiculous Sydney Morning Herald story about a pointless survey on gay parents.

Same-sex parents, research shows, are significantly more egalitarian than heterosexual parents in the way they divide household tasks and parenting responsibilities.

With lesbian couples, the mother who carries the baby and breastfeeds it is not assumed to be the parent who will stay at home or be the main nurturer. In fact little can be assumed and everything must be negotiated when couples do not have gender roles to fall back on.

What startling non-revelations!

The kind of person who is inclined to believe that lesbian relationships require one partner to pretend to be a bloke is typically not the kind of person to have their opinions swayed by the findings of academic research.  By contrast, the kind of person open to sociological inquiry doesn’t need to be told that lesbians are also, when all is said and done, women.

But that wasn’t what uncorked my unwelcome and thoroughly unjustifiable dread.

The story focusses on the two Mums of Rafael, Alison and (wait for it…) Dale, letting rip with the following nugget about their family life:

Dr Rutherford, 41, from the school of public health and community medicine at the University of NSW, and Ms Newman, 47, a freelance illustrator, have been together 11 years. The planning and making of Rafael took four years, Ms Newman said.


I’m sorry.




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