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Ross Levin’s thuggish #dickileaks strategy politely (but thoroughly) garotted

December 29, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Dickileaks vilification strategy spearheaded by St Kilda Football Club’s vice-president, Ross Levin, is dead in the water.  The intervention by club champion, Ian Stewart and triple Brownlow winner, Bob Skilton, in this morning’s Herald Sun has seen to that:

ST KILDA’S treatment of a teenage girl who published photos of naked players was heavy-handed, two footy greats have declared.

Ian Stewart lays into the Levin strategy in words that could have been lifted from earlier posts in this blog:

“Maybe the football club is taking itself too seriously … the girl needs sympathy, compassion and understanding, not this other attitude.

Stewart puts graphically what I tried to convey more than a week ago in reaction to Nick Riewoldt’s self-important crisis press conference (Get over yourself, Nick Riewoldt):

Who is helped by this self-seriousness? Certainly not Riewoldt, who helps the story along no end by taking it so seriously and appearing so distraught…Why do people inject such needless gravity into these fly-by-night scandals?

The draconian legal tactics employed by St Kilda, and supported by the AFL, also come in for a hammering:

Stewart: “Obviously it’s too severe…What does the club turn over – $20 million a year? And they want to sue this girl who has obviously lost her way?  Have a bit of compassion for the girl.”

Skilton:  “Anything like that (a law suit) would only prolong this. They have far more money than she does.”

Indeed.  This is what I wrote on Dec 23rd about Ross Levin’s role in Dickileaks (5 words explain the Saints monumental #Dickileaks PR cock-up):

A lawyer-driven PR response is always a recipe for inflammation.  Lawyers exist to engage and prevail in conflict, often by discrediting, vilifying, humiliating or bankrupting their opponents.

St Kilda lost control of this story the second they let their lawyer-VP run the show.

I love the smell of vindication in the morning.


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  1. James
    December 29, 2010 at 18:38
  2. James
    December 29, 2010 at 23:26

    The fake pro-St Kilda Twitter accounts are interesting.

    Take http://twitter.com/#!/TheSumOfAIIFear/following , for example.

    He is followed by http://twitter.com/#!/EssendonMembers (Ray Collins, Candidate for the Essendon FC Board 2011; Financial member of the Essendon Football Club for over 35 years)

    Does Mr. Collins find @TheSumOfAIIFear amusing?

    Or is @TheSumOfAIIFear an AFL person known to the inner crowd like Mr. Collins?

    Either way, I am concerned.

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