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How Riewoldt could have killed #Dickileaks dead

December 22, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

What would happen if Nick Riewoldt tried this tack:

    Of course, I am embarrassed and a little angry about the release of the photo. Who wouldn’t be?

    It was stupid of me to put myself in the situation in the first place. I have promised my Mum and girlfriend that the lesson has been well and truly learned, and the mistake won’t be repeated. Trust me.

    I understand that people are enjoying the scandal but I think we should add some perspective. There are 1.4 billion of our fellow human beings who still live in extreme poverty, many in neighbouring countries. In our own backyard, Indigenous Australians suffer every day from abysmal living standards, poor health and substandard educational and work opportunities. Climate change threatens the health and viability of our planet.

    The world might just be a better place if we agreed to dedicate just half the amount of focus to issues like those as we do to a happy snap of a naked football player who should know better.

    I am not taking questions for the simple reason that there just isn’t anything more to say.

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