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Get over yourself, Nick Riewoldt #afl

December 21, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Nick Riewoldt is a professional footballer in Melbourne. He travelled to Miami a year or so ago and one of his teammates took a nude photo of him soon after he jumped out of bed, sans PJs. . Or the teenage girl who this week uploaded the photo on her Facebook page took the photo in a Melbourne hotel room in the course of some non-specific sexual shenanigans. Depends on who you believe, I guess, if you believe either of them, or care.

Below is today’s press conference where Riewoldt responds to the swarming controversy triggered by the photo’s publication.

Try watching this presser without the sound.

By the levels of dismay evident on his face, you could be forgiven for thinking Riewoldt is defending himself against allegations of infanticide or commenting on the death by shark attack of his identical twin.

Who is helped by this self-seriousness? Certainly not Riewoldt, who helps the story along no end by taking it so seriously and appearing so distraught.

Why do people inject such needless gravity into these fly-by-night scandals? Why do professional sportsmen, especially, allow the media to promote, and then trade off, the fiction that nude frolicking – or binge drinking, or recreational drug use or rampant shagging — is rare or especially wrong?

Professional athletes are fit and young, gorgeous, thirsty, fun-loving and irreducibly horny. Do we really want them any other way? Why do we pretend to be so shocked and appalled when they act exactly as stupidly as their age and fame and wealth compels them? Are we even remotely offended?

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