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A letter to TranzMetro

December 16, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Jim Quinn
NZ Rail
via email

Dear Mr Quinn

As I write, I am sitting by the side of State Highway One in Pukerua Bay. It is raining. I have two rather heavy bags.

Why do I find myself in such a predicament, you might wonder. And well you might.

It is because your organisation is displaying a sign at the Pukerua Bay train station advising me, a tourist in these parts, to make my way a good distance up the adjacent highway in order to catch a replacement bus. The sign confused me, I am not afraid to admit, because it directly contradicts information contained on your website. There, I was advised that trains would be running as normal between the hours of 2.45PM and 7.30PM. It is 6.30PM now, and was a great deal earlier when I set out to use your service.

What to believe? A website that looks as if it was designed before the invention of the Internet, or a piece of signage that I faintly recall from my last journey on your trains, when Geoffrey Palmer was Prime Minister.

In truth, I had no faith in either piece of information, but I needed to make a call one way or the other. Outdated online information or a sign that could have easily been advising people to catch buses since the late 80’s? Quite the dilemma.

A hunch told me that analog was the safest bet, judging by the somewhat retro vibe emanating from your corporate identity. So I opted to go with the sign and walk in the rain to the bus stop. Where I still sit, waiting for a bus that some time ago I came to the peaceful understanding would never come.

In a cruel twist, you seem to have arranged it so the train tracks are visible from the bus stop. It was only the passing by of a train that is decidedly not being replaced by a bus that caused me to look up and take notice.

Yours sincerely

Phil Quin

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