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Irredeemable Gossip: Midday Edition

December 15, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

  • Part of me would’ve been surprised if the Prime Minister of Kosovo wasn’t trafficking in human body parts. (h/t David Capie)
  • All the talent, intelligence and best intentions in the world will not make Arianna Huffington a credible spokeswoman for the middle class.  (And I love her dearly).
  • Can anyone beat Colin Firth for the Best Actor gong given that his character has a disability (a stutter, but still…), The King’s Speech is palpable Oscar-bait and it’s pretty clearly his turn (after missing out for A Single Man)?  Short answer: no.
  • Mitt Romney’s latest ghost-written op-ed stakes out his opposition to the Obama tax deal, yet another reason for me to reconsider my earlier skepticism. Also, the trite opening sentence of the Romney piece — “Death and taxes, it is said, are life’s only two certainties” — encapsulates why people just sort of hate his guts.  The Mormon thing is just a convenient front.
  • Consulting a panel of godbotherers about the morality of tax cuts is just the latest example of the Washington Post’s misplaced religiosity.  For all the sense this latest On Faith outrage makes, why not ask a group of French cinema enthusiasts about dental hygiene?
  • The latest positive development in the fight against HIV-AIDS.
  • Apparently Tiger Woods’ ex-wife is dating again.  She will be pleasantly surprised at the sight of a not-completely-exhausted penis.
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  1. December 15, 2010 at 17:04

    Observe how few of these good folk sternly remind us that Jesus told a grizzling merchant stfu or as the King James version has it “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s render unto God that which is God’s” My version leaves out the bit where he gives them a look at the middle finger with some choice Aramaic epithets but that’s probably just the Christchurch censorship machine in action. I wonder how it is they are so good at Leviticus and so poor at scripture?
    James (ps good old George Hawkins!!)

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