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@FlyAirNZ says it pulled video as a suicide prevention measure

December 13, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

In a fairly remarkable escalation in response to my post below, Air NZ has used Twitter to claim that it pulled the All Blacks safety video as a suicide prevention measure.  First, I received this from @flyairnz, the official corporate Twitter account for Air NZ in response to my cynical suggestion that it was leveraging the so-called gay backlash to the safety video for PR gain:

@philquin The complaints R real.Unfortunately the Privacy Act prevents the release of names but we understand they’ve spoken 2a media outlet

My response (as below) was to note how convenient the Privacy Act is for corporate and government types, to which @flyairnz responded with:

@philquin the law is the law and we have to take claims of possible gay male suicide seriously

Excuse me?  This is a whole new category of hysteria.  Is Air New Zealand now saying that it is pulling the safety video because of some prospect that the gay reference contained therein may directly or indirectly result in gay men killing themselves?

As I write this, I am told this by @flyairnz:

@philquin it was a comment made by a university professor. We can email you the full statement. Please DM us your email addy

I look forward to seeing it.  This is turning into a case study in excessive risk aversion coupled with umbrage-taking run riot.

If a gay man — or any living being —  is so emotionally vulnerable that an airline safety video featuring a rebuffed same-sex smooch from Richard Kahui is enough to tip him into the abyss, then one suspects he would be too upset to travel in the first place.

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