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NIBs goes to TV3 News for Goff Gaffe Coverage

December 12, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Even in a week teeming with bullshit of the most irredeemable kind, one would be hard pressed to out-do this coverage of a major speech on the economy by NZ Labour leader, Phil Goff, on Monday.


When people wag their finger at politicians for not raising the discourse in New Zealand (or anywhere else for that matter) they should take one minute and 37 seconds to take a look at that video and reconsider the object of their scorn.

Phil Goff’s speech — which is available in full here — was a serious and substantive effort to engage with the National Party government on economic policy . It represented a well thought-out and carefully crafted effort on Goff’s part to recalibrate his Party on a slightly more interventionist footing. It is, in other words, an effort at raising the discourse. And how does the news media treat it? As a smug little game of gotcha.

Goff misstating David Cunliffe’s name barely even qualifies as a reportable gaffe — at most, it warranted a humorous passing mention. Like Cunliffe, Caygill is an economic spokesperson, a Labour caucus colleague, a David, and the owner of a surname starting with ‘C’. It is the mildest of all tongue-slips, a petit faux pas if ever I’ve seen one.

The NIBs goes to TV3 News, a race this week that they won in a canter.

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