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A word to critics #vicvotes

November 30, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
  • Making the observation, as I have here and in Business Spectator,  that non-Tertiary educated white voters are deserting Labor does not imply such voters are “stupid”. Making that inference, however, does.  Most of the stupid people I know went to Uni, and most of the smart people didn’t.
  • Labor copped a shellacking, a beating, a hiding, a bollocking, a spanking, etc. etc. No denying that.  But it was not a landslide.  When I highlighted the misappropriation of this particular metaphor yesterday, I was not denying that Labor got thrashed in the election; I was standing up for the idea that words have meanings.
  • If you truly believe that there is no pattern to be detected in the abandonment by white, working class voters of centre-left parties and candidates in the US, UK, NZ, Australia and elsewhere — and that this partly explains the difference between the swing, say, in Forest Hill (4 percent) and Carrum (10 percent), and therefore the difference for Labor between winning and losing — please elaborate.  Not only would I like to know, so would every living political scientist.
  • Nowhere in my blog have I argued that voters didn’t have good reason to vote against Labor after 11 years.  But if you want to use this blog (or any other, for that matter) to attack the record of the recently-departed government, please do better than reciting Liberal talking points about waste and spin. especially if the latter is your day job.
  • To the person who said I seem miserable and should get job, I have this to say:  Mum, when did you start reading my blog?
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  1. November 30, 2010 at 08:37

    If you’re getting that much criticism, then you must be doing something right.

  2. markus
    November 30, 2010 at 16:13

    So many leading political journalists seem to be either deeply-partisan (no doubt with great encouragement from their editors) or else, let’s face it, just a wee bit dim.

    On the Mana By-Election result, for instance, the Herald’s Audrey Young (emanating as she does from that most impeccable of Tory families) and fellow journalist Adam Bennett both suggested National had enjoyed an astonishing 14% swing. Thus, both appeared happy to allow National spin-meister, David Farrar, to do their thinking for them. The reality, of course, was that – in comparison with the 2008 Mana Candidate-Vote – there was a 7% swing to Parata.

    Both Young, Bennett and various DomPost writers continue to insist that Winnie Laban’s personal Candidate-Vote majority (6100, largely made-up of 1100 Nat Party-Voters, 1800 Green Party-Voters and 1600 minor Party-Voters) should, in fact, be considered a “Labour” majority and that anyone who points to the 2008 Party-Vote as the true benchmark is “comparing raisons with sheep-droppings.” Apparently, the Labour vote in 08 is not to be discerned by how many people actually voted for the party (Party-Vote) but by how many preferred Winnie Laban’s personal attributes to Hekia Parata’s (Candidate-Vote).

    And don’t get me started on Farrar’s Kiwiblog spin. His vote figures for some of Mana’s suburbs and sub-regions appear to be nonsense, he describes at one point what is clearly a 6% swing in a particular area as a “net movement of 15%”, and he selectively uses a small number of booth comparisons to leave the impression that Cannons Creek was, in fact, the only suburb that preferred Fa’afoi over Parata. In reality, Fa’afoi won slightly more than half the suburbs of Mana – as you’d expect given the majority.

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