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Five Questions For Kim Wells #vicvotes

November 25, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

A defining moment looms.

Ted Baillieu has opted not to show up to his own press conference on budget costings.  If politics were a fair sport, this should be the last word of the campaign:  the media should declare him unfit for the office he seeks. It’s that simple.

But politics is anything but fair.  The media are understandably interested in keeping the contest alive for the contest’s sake, so Baillieu may be allowed to get away with this shameless evasion of accountability.  He should not.

Here are five questions that should be levelled at Wells and Clark this morning.

    1. How can Victorians see Ted Baillieu’s non-appearance at this press conference as anything but a complete abdication of his responsibilities?

    2. Do you believe it is even possible for the media, let alone the public, to test the assumptions that underpin your costings between now and Saturday morning?

    3. Is the accountancy firm at fault for the late release of these costings, or was it at your instruction to release their analysis 36 hours before the polls open?

    4. Why didn’t you even write to the Auditor-General after saying that you believed his office was best equipped to undertake this work?

    5. Where on earth have you been?


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