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Strange Alignment

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I don’t often find myself nodding in furious agreement with the Herald Sun or its Sunday equivalent, but today is such a day.

The Sunday Herald Sun’s editorial on the role of scrutiny in election campaigns — as it pertains to the Greens candidate in Melbourne — is closely aligned to the points I made in the opinion piece submitted but ignored by their weekday counterpart, in essence:

IF THE Greens want to be serious political players then the party and its candidates must learn to live with serious scrutiny.

That’s what the Sunday Herald Sun did last week, applying the same level of scrutiny always given to Labor, Liberal and National Party candidates.

In our front-page report, we revealed the Greens candidate for Melbourne, barrister Brian Walters, SC, is acting for a brown coal company in a workplace death case.

In my opinion piece, I was referring to another case involving Mr Walters, namely his representation of an alleged Nazi war criminal.  I wrote:

But tough public campaigns serve a purpose that we shouldn’t forget.  Take the Nazi lawyer example.

The Greens are a newish force in Australian politics – at least when it comes to winning lower house seats – and they deserve scrutiny.  Labor, Liberal and National Parties have run the gauntlet in dozens of elections.

The policies and personalities of the main parties are routinely tested and often found wanting.  They pay a price when they select the wrong candidate or adopt an unwise policy idea.  Equally, they do well when they get things right.

It is a little disconcerting, truth be told, as a latte-swilling, inner-urban elitist of a decidedly homosexual orientation, to be so closely in sync with the editorial writers of a News Ltd. tabloid.

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