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Mid-terms: Predictions Review

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

GOP gains (for a total of 49 47)

  1. John Hoeven (R) bitch-slaps Tracy Potter (D) by 30-32 points in North Dakota WON BY 54%
  2. Dan Coats (R) tasers Brad Ellsworth (D) by 18-20 points in Indiana SPOT ON! 18 POINTS
  3. John Boozman (R) thrashes Blanche Lincoln (D) by 14-16 points 21 POINTS
  4. Ron Johnson (R) to beat Russ Feingold (D) by 4-6 points SPOT ON! 5 POINTS
  5. Sharron Angle (R) beats Harry Reid (D) in Nevada by 4-6 points.WRONG! REID WON BY 5.5 POINTS
  6. Pat Toomey (R) beats Joe Sestak (D) in Pennsylvania by 5-7 points MUCH CLOSER. 2 POINTS.
  7. Mark Kirk (R) beats Alexi Gionnalous (D) in Illinois by 3-5 points 2 POINTS ONLY
  8. Dino Rossi (R) beats Patty Murray (D) in Washington State by 1-3 points WRONG! MURRAY WON BY 2 POINTS

Dem Holds (for a total of 49 51 plus two independents, Sanders and Leiberman)

  1. Michael Bennet (D) beats Ken Buck (R) in Colorado by 1-3 points SPOT ON! 1 POINT
  2. Joe Manchin (D) beats John Raese in West Virginia by 3-5 points MARGIN DOUBLE, 10 POINTS
  3. Barbara Boxer (D) beats Carly Fiorina (R) by 4-6 points 9 POINTS IN THE END


Jerry Brown (D) to beat Meg Whitman (R) for California Governorship by 8-10 points EVEN BIGGER! 12 POINTS

Rick Scott (R) to squeak past Alex Sink (D) in Florida Gov, 1-3 points SPOT ON! 1.2 POINTS

President Obama’s approval to reach 50 percent by end of 2010. I DARE TO DREAM


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