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Duds and Demons, Head Stomping Edition

October 26, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Tim Profitt, a Rand Paul campaign worker, has criticized Kentucky police for not preventing a head-stomping incident (video below). This all seems fairly reasonable until you realise that Tim Profitt is the owner of the foot that was engaged in the stomping. The head’s owner, Lauren Valle, is a Moveon.org activist, who was almost certainly annoying Profitt, a man whose surname made support of a Libertarian extremist like Rand Paul fairly inevitable. Interestingly, Profitt was allegedly wearing a “Tea Party” badge bearing the slogan: Don’t Tread on Me. One cannot, I repeat cannot, make this shit up.

Will this hurt Paul, who is tracking ahead in the Senate race in Kentucky by around 6 percent? Not much for three reasons:

  1. If Paul was trailing in the polls, this would hurt more for the simple reason that it would throw him off message at a point where he needs all the focus he can muster — but, because he is ahead, diversions are generally good news.
  2. Politicians generally don’t suffer too much from the misconduct of campaign volunteers — voters are smart enough to put it aside.
  3. It’s Kentucky, a state where stomping on the head of left-wing protestors is only slightly less popular than ten-pin bowling.

The video has some potency outside Kentucky, feeding the perception that the Tea Party crowd is feral.

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