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Mocking Ted

October 19, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Victorian Opposition Leader, Ted Baillieu, is a joke. Along with the Great Wall of China, his laziness is visible from the International Space Station.  His performance as leader is as bad as I have seen, and I have seen several lifetimes’ worth of bad leaders.  He is a policy vacuum, intellectual featherweight and political know-nothing.  He has not even by accident committed political acts that qualify him to lead a government.

The press may be bored with Labor in Victoria and resentful of its longevity in Government but here’s the real question: how is it possible for a Baillieu’s Liberals to sit on the opposition benches for more than a decade with so little to show for it?  Correction: with nothing at all to show for it. No discernible political talent. No credible, or even interesting, policy ideas.  Not even a coherent critique of the incumbent government.  11 years of shameful political waste, lost to infighting and inbreeding.  Ugh.  They must not be allowed anywhere near 1 Treasury Place.

Baillieu is not a serious political figure, however much the Herald Sun and Age try to inject gravitas into his sorry arse. The voters have had a look at him and concluded that he is not a bad guy — but not up to the job he half-heartedly seeks.

He ought to be mocked without relent from here up until  the point he is politically euthanised, first by the voters and then by his Party room.

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