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The weirdness of the “gay as a choice” argument

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And, seriously, there are a lot of names less well suited to the gay porn industry than Ken Buck.


Here’s the video

This is the lead on the Denver Post website. This will be interesting. Colorado is more a “live free or die” type state than socially conservative. The mountain west is libertarian country, and the gay/alcoholism line won’t play well there.

UPDATE: Apparently, Buck compares being gay to alcoholism. Video to come.

According to my Twitter feed, Colorado Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck has revived the “being gay is a choice” argument on Meet the Press this morning. This is such a strange idea. Why would someone choose to be gay if being straight were equally on offer? We tend to think that such moralising nonsense is so fucked up that we dismiss the possibility that the proponents may actually believe it. What if they do?

The only way it makes sense for Buck and his cohorts to sincerely believe this is if he himself has been presented with the choice to be gay, and has consciously opted not not be. In that case, and that case only, the “choice” argument makes perfect sense.

A normally adjusted gay or straight person no more chooses what turns us on sexuality than we choose what makes us laugh. Which is to say that choice in matters of sexuality is purely the domain of the closeted.

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