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Bolt Case and the Culture of Umbrage

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Am I the only person of the left who finds this kind of litigation chilling?

Fair-skinned Aboriginals are suing Melbourne newspaper columnist and prize tool, Andrew Bolt, for blogs and articles where he suggests they are less authentically indigenous than their darker-hued brethren.

Understandably, they find these comments upsetting…but a court-case? Seriously?

Andrew Bolt is a bombastic fool and a racist to boot. His “by-the-numbers” right-wing diatribes are more offensive to me for their lack of original insight than anything else. Each week, he resurrects some tired old reactionary trope and bashes its carcass to a pulp — femo-nazis, the PC ‘police’, indigenous politics, law and order, blah fucking blah. He is interminably boring and utterly predictable. If he must be sued, please make it for bad writing and stale thinking.

Suing Bolt in this fashion is misguided and dangerous because (a) it is a twin assault on freedoms of speech and the press, (b) it awards Bolt martyr points and fires up his ditto heads and (c) it seems to concede that the so-called victims can’t beat Bolt on the merits of his specious and self-evidently idiotic argument.

This culture of umbrage will envelop us all, and the left must disentangle itself from it. It is a dead weight dragging us under.

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