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Always Rated Him…

September 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

It may have been another despicable parachute-job, but he won under the rules as they stand. That makes him the Labour candidate today, and he has my support.

But Kris Faafoi will lose the Mana by-election if he thinks it will come as easily, or with as many short-cuts, as his dubious path to the nomination.

He must, first and foremost, ask whomever (a) wrote his letter to members, (b) employed his replacement in the leader’s office before he was nominated, (c) put him on Radio Australia, (d) thought it was smart to stack the hall yesterday with advisors and press secretaries on overtime and (e) was responsible for his poor performance at the Q+A, to remove themselves from any position of influence in the campaign.

Then, he should ask Josie Pagani to act as campaign manager. He should make amends with John Burke and others who actually know how to win elections in the area.

Further, he should learn to trust his political instincts a lot less, discover a new line in humility, and knock on every door he can between now and election day. The “let’s not and say we did” approach to doorknocking has been tried before and it never works. Anything else he does is likely to be pointess at least, and most probably counterproductive.
Over and out.

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