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A Q for the Mana Q & A

September 9, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I chatted to a TV3 journalist yesterday to discuss my earlier post about the Mana nomination.  She mentioned that there is a Question and Answer session for the candidates on Saturday.  I won’t be there for a whole raft of reasons, foremost among which is that I will no longer be in the country.  But it got me thinking, what would I ask if I had the chance to pose a single question? Thus, my shortest radio play yet.

The sounds of a meeting coming to order; the chairman gavels proceedings.

PQ: My question is directed to Kris Faafoi.  First, let me welcome you to the Labour Party; it’s always great to see new members.  Mr Faafoi, there are widespread and detailed rumours to the effect that, prior to your current role, you had applied to become press secretary for a National Party Minister.  My question begs a simple yes or no answer:  if this is true, and you had been successful in your attempts to work as a National Party spin-doctor, would you be standing here now?

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