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I respond to some very mild not-really-hate mail

September 7, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

My post yesterday regarding the nomination of Kris Faafoi for the Mana by-election prompted a strong reaction from a handful of people.  Calling it hate-mail would make me as guilty of hyperbole as the people reporting “looting” in Christchurch; it was more dislike-quite-a-lot mail.  I have been training people for years not to repeat negatives, so I am not going to do so here.  I will, however, respond to a few barbs in no particular order (they know who they are):

1.  Yes, this is not news: I came out in 1997 (and hardly keep it a secret)

2.  Well, I can’t really disagree with that.  I have been travelling a lot, and my diet has been all over the place.

3.  No, I don’t want to be the MP for Mana.  Perish the thought.  The idea of all the prize-givings, rubber-chicken fundraisers, forced bonhomie and Bellamys food makes me nauseous.  I am also no longer a resident of NZ for electoral or any other purposes, nor a Party member here .

4.  I did not do that!

5.  Read my lips: it is not disloyal to oppose a particular candidate in an internal ballot; disloyalty would be supporting another Party.  Harden up.

6. I might have done that, but I must have been drunk at the time.

7.  I didn’t even know that was anatomically possible and, if it is, I am not nearly flexible, or otherwise equipped, enough.

8. Helsinki

On a serious note:  I have absolutely nothing against Kris Faafoi.  He is no doubt a great guy with excellent communications skills and myriad other talents. He certainly has youth on his side.  I just happen to believe that Mana is both a prize and a challenge — it therefore deserves a candidate worthy of the former and up to the latter.  In my opinion, I don’t believe Mr. Faafoi reaches that bar…yet.  He has only just joined the Party and expressed an interest in pursuing public life.  Not even the lowest-skilled trade offers a 30-day apprenticeship.  There will be opportunities galore in years to come for Mr. Faafoi.

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