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The Discovery Hostage Crisis and the American Left

September 3, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Is it just me, or was yesterday’s Discovery Channel hostage crisis one of the great political allegories of our time?

First, a quick recap:  a lone gunman, James Lee, took several hostages at the headquarters of Discovery Communications in Maryland — the hostages survived, but Mr Lee did not. He came down in a hail of bullets courtesy of the Silver Spring Police Department. It turns out that Mr Lee was a radical environmentalist who believed, above all, in the urgent need for human sterilization.

To Lee, Discovery Channel was a sell-out. Instead of using its prime position on cable TV to encourage viewers to neuter themselves, they insist (via sister network, TLC) on airing Jon and Kate Plus Eight and 19 Kids and Counting, reality shows that promote rampant fertility. Admittedly, these are terrible shows — almost bad enough to warrant hostage-taking, but not quite.

It turns out that James Lee’s weapons were a combination of starter pistols and homemade, not particularly explosive, bombs strapped to his body.  This rounds out the allegory nicely.

If James Lee were not now dead, he should stand up and take a bow.  Surely he will go down in history as a poster-child of the modern American far left.

Like his ideological brothers-in-arms, Lee would rather direct his ire at those he considers sell-outs on his own side than the actual enemy.  Why target Discovery Channel and not, say, BP or Exxon Mobil or loggers or coal-fired power plants, or even the Catholic Church if baby-making really worries him so much?  For fuck’s sake, if you are going to die on the altar of the giant green god, would you really go after a cable channel that produces nature documentaries, even if it makes some crappy reality shows on the side?    But leftists, for all their big talk, have always found perverse comfort in cannibalism…a tendency immortalized by Monty Python’s “people’s front of Judea”.

The fact that Lee was shooting blanks and letting off fizzers for bombs is also typical of his comrades on the Left fringe.  They are terrified by real power — explosive or otherwise — and use martyrdom as a front for cowardice.

Lee was not totally harmless.  Apparently, he was motivated to pursue radical environmental causes after watching An Inconvenient Truth, and anyone who finds Al Gore inspiring is obviously unstable.

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