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Archive 2 (PQ)

By Phil Quin
August 23, 2004
To tell your wife you’re gay is difficult enough, but to do it for political gain is unconscionable.

I should be mightily impressed with the outgoing Governor of New Jersey, James McGreevey. We have a lot in common.

On the road to recovery with a brand-new brolly

PHIL QUIN, 13 Oct, 2007 Canberra Times

A year ago, as I entered a detox centre to put an end to 10 years of reckless and relentless drinking, my hands shook so badly with delirium tremens that I could barely lift the pen to sign the admission forms. Ten days later, I emerged to discover a life unattended to and strewn with wreckage. From long-neglected health problems to bad debt, the practical challenges of recovery were and are daunting.

Political birds of a Kiwi feather

PHIL QUIN, 03 Jan, 2008, Canberra Times

Over the course of their careers, John Howard and Helen Clark would have prided themselves on how profoundly different they are from each other. The trajectory of their respective declines, however, promise to be eerily similar.

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