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Archive 1 (MR 2009/10)

2009: year in which sceptics stole running on climate change

The Age/SMH April 23, 2010

CONFRONTED with a growing international consensus on climate change and the alarming possibility of a meaningful Copenhagen treaty, the forces for the carbon-fired status quo needed a strategy – and some luck.

Time to get serious about our cities’ leading role in national prosperity


March 29, 2010 The Age/SMH

Opportunities and threats confront our large urban centres.

SLUM-BUILDING is a global growth industry. Some estimates suggest 2 billion people will live in sprawling urban ghettos by 2030, double the number today. Economic growth in the developing world, impressive though it is in many places, can’t keep pace with rapid population growth and urbanisation. Meanwhile, in the Middle East and China, dozens of cities are emerging straight off the plan – pristine and futuristic – to meet the demands of an exploding middle class.

Ignorance clouds hopes for Obama-led change

January 21, 2010
SCOTT Brown, the Republican set to become the crucial final vote that torpedoes health-care reform in the US Senate, has won Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. Who said Americans don’t get irony?
January 30, 2010

AS THE fog of the global financial crisis lifts, it will take some time to adjust our eyes to the altered landscape.

China looms large. Through a combination of its own ambition and the recklessness of its rivals, it has leapfrogged the global economic pecking order with alarming ease. It is no longer a hypothetical juggernaut.

December 10, 2009
THE world was frozen with panic 10 years ago this month. It was not terrorism or global warming, failing banks or swine flu. It was the prospect, so real at the time, of planes spiralling into mountains, bank accounts wiped in the blink of an eye, or atomic weapons exploding in their silos.

End the megaphone politics over China

Michael Roux

Published 9:02 AM, 6 Apr 2010 Last update 9:56 AM, 6 Apr 2010, Business Spectator

Richard Nixon went to China in the middle of the Cold War, the theory goes, because only a communist-bashing conservative US President could possibly negotiate with Chairman Mao without coming across to voters as a weak-kneed appeaser.

When kind words are not enough


September 29, 2009
The world’s crises demand more than lip service.

THE Clinton Global Initiative, which recently convened its annual meeting in New York, tackles global challenges in ways ranging from the spectacular to the specific. Since its launch in 2005, former president Bill Clinton has overseen commitments valued at nearly $US50 billion ($A57 billion), from large-scale infrastructure projects to AIDS prevention and treatment programs. All told, these efforts have directly touched the lives of 200 million people in the poorest parts of the world.

President Obama won’t be a oncer

BEFORE Barack Obama has even set foot in the Oval Office, the most chilling words in US politics – one-term president – have been rallied against him, and not by the usual suspects. Jeff Zeleny, a respected New York Times reporter – hardly a right-wing talkback hysteric or blogging blowhard – told a forum of fellow journalists that Obama could lose the next election if his economic stimulus plan doesn’t work.

Totalitarian rule takes total blame

Michael Roux
From:The Australian
August 23, 2008 12:00AM

THE bumping off the Olympic stage of a talented 10-year-old singer by a less talented — but allegedly cuter — cast member would make for an appealing human interest story at any Olympic Games; at Beijing, it ignited a firestorm. Its emergence as a worldwide news sensation, as well as a touchstone for Chinese grievance, revealed much about the ambivalence that persists in relations between China and the West.
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