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Irredeemable Bullshit: The Pre-Book

Bullshit is the story of my life, and its promulgating and refutation, deciphering and navigation, is my life’s work.   But it is not a passion in the uplifting sense of playing piano or helping the less fortunate.  Instead, it is a passion for me in the style of that guy who has fashioned a TV hosting career out of unresolved grief at the death by homicide of his son.

But the America’s Most Wanted analogy has its limits.  Whereas each and every child-killer deserves punishment, the same cannot be said of bullshit or its utterers.  Some bullshit is good, even great (some movie trailers, for example).  Most is trivial and unworthy of rebuttal (“your butt does not look big in those jeans”).

So I have identified a class of bullshit — that which is irredeemable — upon which to focus my energies and this blog.

Simply put, irredeemable bullshit is the knowing and cynical application of disingenuous nonsense to the service of venal interests.  Whether in commerce or politics, sport or the media, bullshit generated, shaped and polished in order to obfuscate, confuse, delude or incite is irredeemable and will draw this blog’s fire.

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