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Dylan Ratigan is an Annoying, Humourless Jerk


Dylan Ratigan has five hour-long rants, 4PM weekdays on MSNBC.  His schtick is leftish economic populism that has morphed recently into quackish tin-hattery.  As the slow death of sensible CNN attests, it is hard to attract ratings without finding cause for hyper-caffeinated hysteria,  which can be summarised this way in Rantigan’s case:

The Federal Government is 28 gazillion dollars in debt —  but that doesn’t stop them from stealing YOUR money to line the pockets of Wall St lobbyists, from whom they also receive campaign donations, not to mention surreptitious hand-jobs.

The ratings are flat-lining, so Ratigan sees no alternative but to double down.   He has resorted to props — tin buckets and fake money mostly — to make his point:

Endemic corruption rapes our economy and fists our future.  We need to fight this fisting, raping corruption.

Ratigan has always been a terrible interviewer (every question is a variation on “what do you say to what I think?”) and a humourless bore.  But in his desperate and futile grasping for ratings, his show has become completely unwatchable bullshit.

He is a prime candidate for the world’s shortest telegram:


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